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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

We take care of kitchen extract systems to diminish any fire hazards in your kitchen, by removing any grease deposits that may build up. This is most commonly found in parts of the kitchen such as: Extractor Fans, Canopy, Grease Filters and Ventilation Grills. We can also issue a certificate of cleanliness.

Duct Cleaning and Ductwork Inspection

All of your heating and ventilation ductwork systems must be regularly cleaned. Health and Safety and Welfare Regulations, require you to do so and you may be subject to inspections. We clean, Ductwork, Attenuators, Fire Dampers, Raisers and Air Handling Units to keep you in compliance with existing demands as well as installing access panels where required.

Grease Filters Maintenance and Replacement

Deep Clean

Any restaurants kitchen holds a number of places that require a very thorough clean. Our team will reach the deepest corners of your workplace including: Ceilings, walls, hot cooking equipment, appliances, fixtures and fittings and areas both behind and underneath further fixtures. We will also deep clean all kinds of floors.

High Level Cleaning

The law prohibits you from cleaning anything that is situated at 10 feet or higher. That is where we come in. We will clean all appliances that cannot be reached or where grease cannot be removed by traditional cleaning methods and on completion of the job, our aim is to leave your establishment spotless.

Bathroom/bedroom Fans Cleaning

To help reduce the potential for property loss of personal injury due to fire, we recommend that all bathroom/ bedroom exhaust fans be inspected and cleaned as necessary, and then placed on a regular cleaning schedule.

Grease Traps Cleaning

Restaurant and foodservice kitchens produce a lot of waste grease which is present in the drain lines from the various sinks dishwashers and cooking equipment such as combi ovens and commercial woks. If not removed the grease will congeal within the sewer and cause blockages and back-ups.

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